• Worried about hair loss?

    Worried about hair loss?

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  • 8 Essential Tips on Hair Straightening

    8 Essential Tips on Hair Straightening

    1. Apply heat-protecting spray each time you are straightening your hair. 2. After applying the spray comb your hair to distribute it evenly.Vairāk

    28.02.2016 Home 3 14869
  • Hair Washing Tips

    Hair Washing Tips

    Some people need to wash their hair every day, for the others once-a-week procedure is enough. Though it’s essential to wash hair properly.Vairāk

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  • Dryers With Ions

    Dryers With Ions

    Nowadays, professional hairdressing tools market can offer many different ionic tools: not only the dryers, but also hair straighteners and brushes. They all help to ensure better hair care It is...Vairāk

    28.02.2016 Home 0 9424
  • What Hair Type Do I Have

    What Hair Type Do I Have

    Knowing your hair type is essential to ensure the proper care. Greasy hair has a dull shine, shortly after washing gets sticky and looks unclean and untidy. Dandruff is often appearing on a...Vairāk

    28.02.2016 Home 0 5973

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