Dryers With Ions

Dryers With Ions

Nowadays, professional hairdressing tools market can offer many different ionic tools: not only the dryers, but also hair straighteners and brushes. They all help to ensure better hair care.

It is considered that blow drying has harmful influence on hair. For the professional hairdressing tools this is not the case: the high power of the tool lets reduce drying time and negative ions – keep the hair healthier.

You have colored your hair and now feel that it’s a lot dryer than it was before the procedure? Your hair looks dull and is hard to style and comb? It tangles and fuzzes constantly?

The solution of all these problems are ionic styling tools. When you dry your hair with ionic dryer just once, you’ll feel the difference: hair gets smooth, shiny, feels soft and looks healthy.

Ions are electrically charged particles. The surface of the hair has its own charge of the positive ions, which makes hair push away from each other – we name this „fuzziness of the hair”. Negative ions neutralize this effect, making hair stay calm and not get fuzzy.


Ions are capturing moisture from the air, saving the hair from getting drying. This is essential, especially for colored hair – ions let the hair keep its natural glow and  make up the loss of moisture.


Low humidity, especially during the winter, makes the hair fuzzy and hard to style. Ions reduce the static electricity in the hair – as a result, hair is easy to comb and style.

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