What Hair Type Do I Have?

What Hair Type Do I Have?

Knowing your hair type is essential to ensure proper care.

Greasy hair has a dull shine, shortly after washing gets sticky and looks unclean and untidy. Dandruff is often appearing on a greasy type of hair.

Normal hair reflects the light and shines after washing without the use of any additional aids. If this is still the case a couple of days after washing, your hair type is normal. Normal hair is flexible, does not split on the ends, and is easy to comb.

Dry hair looks dull, tangles often, and splits on the ends. Sometimes, dry dandruff appears. The hair can be dry due to genetic reasons, as well as be caused by non-proper care.

Mixed hair type is usually the case for long hair, greasy on the roots, and dry on the ends. This is caused by the lack of power for the entire length of the hair. The ends of the hair of this type, not having an essential power, often split, break and get fuzzy.


  • Teknik Informatika says:

    How can individuals identify the characteristics of normal hair type, and what are the key indicators, such as flexibility, lack of split ends, and ease of combing, that define normal hair? Additionally, how does normal hair naturally reflect light and maintain shine after washing without the use of additional aids?

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