Hairmed B3 Eudermic Shampoo For Oily Dandruff (200ml)

Eudermic shampoo active on oily dandruff, 200ml

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The sebaceous glands which are present in the epidermis usually discern a mixture of grease, called sebum, that has a very important role in the protection of the epidermis against external aggressions. If the sebum production becomes excessive due to hyper-secretion of the sebaceous glands, it causes the phenomenon of the seborrhea that can be divided into compact, if limited to the hair root, or fluent, when there is a migration of grease from the skin on the lengths of hair. HAIRMED greasy skin and hair treatment acts in three specific phases: it removes the sebum excess from the hair follicle and hair, gradually regulates the sebaceous secretions and re-establishes the proper balance that is necessary for the hair life.

B3 eudermic shampoo active on oily dandruff. Cleaning eudermic shampoo with cleansing bases obtained from vegetable and renewable sources, it is delicate on the skin and leaves it shining and soft upon the touch. It ensures an excellent control of oily dandruff, also soothing the itching, thanks to the synergistic action of its active ingredients.

Application: distribute the product on moist hair, emulsify with water and massage it. Rinse it out with abundant water and repeat the treatment, if necessary.

Size: 200 ml

Product features
Product type Shampoos
Concerns For sensitive scalp, For hair protection, Anti-dandruff, For shine, Hair softening, For hair growth
Hair type/condition For oily (greasy) hair, For hair with dandruff
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Hairmed B3 Eudermic Shampoo For Oily Dandruff (200ml)

Eudermic shampoo active on oily dandruff, 200ml

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