Tips for Hair Straightening

Tips for Hair Straightening

8 things you need to know to straighten your hair right!

  1. Apply heat-protecting spray before straightening your hair.
  2. After applying the spray comb your hair to distribute it evenly.
  3. Your hair should be dry before straightening. The chemical structure of damp hair is different. Hot styling of wet hair can cause severe damage.
  4. Comb every strand of your hair.
  5. Consider the strand thickness depending on the straightener's plates’ width. A wider heating surface allows you to straighten thicker strands.
  6. Try not to exceed the heating temperature of 180°C. At 200°C and higher, hair begins to melt.
  7. Do not stay long in one place, straighteners temperature usually is enough to straighten the hair in one smooth action.
  8. Try to use the straightening iron more than 2 times per week.

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